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Preconstruction Planning

Golf course project is always a challenging task that requires careful planning. It begins with selecting site with close location and good travel connections that will attract more players. Also suitable natural contours and soil conditions on the site will make the construction less expensive.

Feasibility Study

The first step in any golf course development is to determine whether the project should even be started.  Careful feasibility study shows the pros and cons about the projected golf course development. 


Key elements in the study:

  • Site and Location Analysis

    • Favorable location means more playing rounds

    • Land costs

    • Favorable soil conditions save money in construction

    • Availability of quality irrigation water

  • Market Analysis

    • Market potential

    • Demographics

    • Market competition

  • Project Conceptualization

    • Golf course size and type

    • Potential additional facilities

  • Financial Analysis

    • Development  costs

    • Operational costs

    • Income/expense structure

    • Long term cash flow forecast

    • ROI analysis

Business Plan

Business plan helps to define in detail the golf course concept, market potential, operating principles, organizational structure, budgeting etc.

Business plan includes:


  • Golf course concept

  • Market analysis

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Management and operating strategies

  • Golf course operations

  • SWOT analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Financial plan

Golf Course Design

We will carefully examine the site, initially on maps and then by visiting the property to find out all opportunities and constraints. The following questions will help to design the course as naturally and efficiently as possible:

  • Which areas of the site are best suited for golf?

  • Which areas are best suited for uses other than golf?

  • Which slopes are too extreme for golf?

  • How do the site's natural drainage patterns work?

  • Where will the irrigation water come from?

Master Plan

The Master Plan shows the precise design elements, difficulty and style of the golf course features that will give the layout its personalized character. The Master Plan helps to visualize the golf course layout and e.g. housing areas around the course.


We usually prepare several routing concepts for review by the owners and the planning team. Based upon conceptual designs and agency approvals, the plan is refined into the final Master Plan. It becomes the base plan for all of the construction documents to follow.

Construction Documents

Construction documents provide a full description of the architect's design ideas and technical solutions for the use of the construction contractor. They are also the base information to obtain construction bids from contractors.

Our construction documents include:

  • Clearing plan

  • Grading plan

  • Cut & fill plan

  • Bunkering plans

  • Drainage plan

  • Irrigation plan

  • Landscaping plan

  • Construction specifications

Construction Supervision

Construction is where the "fun" begins. This is when dirt is pushed around. A successful construction project depends on careful management and constant architect's observation.

During construction the architect:

  • Represents the client's interests

  • Makes periodic site visits to guide the construction team

  • Attends regular progress meetings

Renovation Services

Have you had any complaints about the poor playability or bad playing conditions on your golf course? 


Do you feel a pressure to upgrade your golf course and facilities to remain competitive in your marketplace? 


The golf course is a living entity that changes and ages continuously.  Time, weather and heavy play leave their marks on every course.  Bad design, incorrect construction or wrong construction materials will definitely deteriorate the turf.


On many regions the environmental regulations are creating more pressure on course maintenance practices and budgets.  Restrictions on the use of water, fertilizers and fungicides make the work of superintendent more challenging every day.


During the last 20 years the longer balls and new drivers have greatly affected the playability of the courses by destroying the original playing strategy and causing safety problems.

Our renovation services include:

  • Needs analysis

  • Site inspection

  • Current state analysis

  • Before - After pictures

  • Technical design documents

  • Tree removal program

Renovation Guide

Read our Golf Course Renovation Guide! It gives you practical advice how to plan and implement the renovation project.

Renovation Project

Golf course renovation can be subtle as soft facelift or as brutal as a total rebuild of the course but it always needs a comprehensive planning. The real challenge is to find the best solution to reach the goals within available resources. The will and ambition of the course membership or owner strongly influences the goals of the project.


The renovation project in general is described below:

Renovation Team

All renovation projects should have a team of decision makers that represent both the players and employees of the course. The members of the team could be e.g. chairman of the board, managing director, superintendent, chairman of the green keeping committee and teaching pro.

Renovation Goals and Strategy

The renovation team should have a clear goal that has been decided together. The team has to find out why the renovation is done: do we want better playing conditions, upgrade the course or organize big competitions. Unfortunately it is too common that the courses are renovated without a clear strategy in mind.

Architect's Design Proposal

It takes an objective insight and knowledge about golf course design and construction to plan renovation. It is quite rare that there is a qualified person for the job in course management or among the club members.  This is why a golf course architect should be hired to do the design and visual presentations.


The earlier you are prepared for the renovation, the easier it is to get approved and organize the funding. Usually the more extensive renovation is needed about 20 years after construction. This is why it is a good idea to start saving money in advance for the renovation.

Get Approval

Transparent and communicative process decreases uncertainty and resistance among the players. When proposed renovation plan and budget is thoroughly explained and justified it is much easier to get approval for the project. One of the biggest mistakes is to work behind the scenes without letting the players to give their opinion.

Architect’s Technical Design

The construction team needs reliable technical documents to get work done correctly and in scheduled time. This is where golf course architect, irrigation designer and other professional engineers are needed.

Organize and Phase Construction

If there are relatively few tasks, the project can be done as an in-house project having the superintendent in charge. The most common method is to use in-house work with outside contractors. Having an outside contractor fully in charge is used when the course is put under total re-design or there is no construction knowledge in-house.

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