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GolfArk - Jari Rasinkangas Golf Architecture

GolfArk is a full-service golf architectural firm, experienced in all aspects of golf course design. We provide a wide range of services with personal attention.

Our practice focus on golf course design and golf course renovation design. We also provide golf course project consulting for golf course developers. For example we can find out is your site suitable for golf course development or how to make a profit with the golf course.

We always focus to plan a long term financially feasible concept for the golf course. To keep the construction and maintenance costs within the client's budget we always follow the local site conditions to provide cost effective design solutions. Also our northern experience provides design solutions that help turf to survive hard winter conditions.

We believe that golf course design is always a product of the team work, not just a vision of a single designer. Co-operation between the client, the architect and construction team is always behind every successful project.

Jari Rasinkangas

Golf Architect 
Founder of GolfArk

"I started playing golf in Oulu, FInland, in 1970's. Within years my passion for golf increased and I started as a member in greenkeeping committee. In late 80's I got to know golf course architect Ronald Fream who designed my home course. I was passionately interested in golf course design and finally in 2006 my hobby turned to a profession when I founded GolfArk."

Jari has participated in more than 25 golf course projects. His experience includes also several golf course renovation projects, working in green keeping committee for more than 30 years and studies in golf course maintenance and construction. He is also a member of the Finnish Greenkeepers Association.

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