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Design Projects

Strawberry Fields Golf

Strawberry Fields Golf is a new 18 hole golf course in St. Petersburg, Russia. The course will also include housing area of about 150 houses.


The construction of the golf course started in March 2014. First 9 holes and practice areas were opened in 2015.

Tiirin Golf

Tiirin Golf, in Nilsiä, Finland a 9 hole course designed having especially the beginners in mind. The holes are not too long thus making it fun for the short hitters.

The contoured greensites provide interest and challenge also for the skilled players by challenging your short game skills.

"The design of Tiirin Golf was not an easy task. We wanted to have a course that would be easy to play for the beginners but still interesting for better players. We also wanted to have a quality course but still keep the construction costs as low as possible. Now when the course is ready all that has been fulfilled!

What amazes me most is Jari's ability to design such a good routing he did. The course fits the land and the surroundings really well.  Every hole has a different feeling and character of its' own. Also his detailed technical drawings with periodic site inspections ensured easy and fast construction.

Jari's commitment was first class. I am really satisfied with the work he has made. I have found him to be very professional in his work and regard him as very talented golf architect. It was a pleasure to work with Jari. I sincerely can recommend him for any golf course development."

- Ilkka Vihavainen, Chairman of the Board, Tiirin Golf

Renovation Projects

Two examples, Laukaa Peurunkagolf and Oulu Golf are both good examples of renovation projects where co-operation was seamless between the board of members, renovation planning team, players and architect. On both cases a thorough Renovation Master Plan was composed. It was then openly introduced to players long before the board tried to get the final member acceptance.  Open communication and paying attention for players' opinions is vital for a successful renovation project both before and during construction.

Oulun Golf

We prepared Master Plan for the renovation of the 36 hole course.

The project included:

- Whole irrigation system replacement

- Green reconstruction

- Tee reconstruction

- Drainage improvement

- Tree removal program

"It is still unbelievable that no-one did not impeach the project in any phase, not before, not during construction or not after completion. Of course there were some questions about project schedule, work methods etc. but explaining them thoroughly kept all members satisfied.

Planning all work in advance, having open communication with members in all project phases and having excellent co-operation between all parties appeared to be very fruitful. The most important individuals were the architect and project manager."

- Jukka Rissanen, Chairman of the Board, Oulu Golf

Laukaa Peurunkagolf

We prepared Master Plan for the renovation of the 18 hole course.

The project included:

- Green reconstruction

- Tee reconstruction

- Drainage improvement

- Tree removal program

"Visually the most dramatic change was done by removing hundreds of trees. The views were opened especially towards big lakes around the course. Already next summer the turf was in excellent condition where shading trees were removed and original lake views were restored.

Member feedback has been very positive. Visiting players have commented that it was like playing on a different course."

- Heikki Hokkanen, Managing Director, Laukaa Peurunkagolf

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