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Are you planning to develope a new golf course?

Does your course need renovation?

Call us or send a message about your project!

New Golf Course Design

The decision to develop a new golf course requires significant time, land, resources — and money.


Our Golf Course Development Guide provides information on:

  • How to determine the financial feasibility of your project?

  • How much and what type of land to use?

  • The various aspects of planning, construction, maintenance and operational needs

  • The insight regarding the various professionals who should be involved in the development process

Golf Course Renovation

Does your course need upgrading or remodelling? Do you have poor turf quality?

Read our Golf Course Renovation Guide! Get practical information about:

  • How to organize and manage the renovation project?

  • How to set goals and strategy for the project?

  • How the architect can help the process?

  • How to get the member's approval?

  • How to communicate with members?

  • How to organize and phase the construction?


Vladivostok Golf Club -

Vladivostok, Russia

The first golf course in Vladivostok (18 holes) with housing and recreation resort development.

Rauma Golf Club, Finland

We are redesigning greens for Rauma Golf Club.

Virpiniemi Golf Club, Finland

Redesign of 12th hole to add safety and adding drainage for holes 3 - 7.

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